6th Venice Brazilian Carnaval Bloco Parade 2020

There’s nothing better to do in sunny California than visiting a beach on a Saturday afternoon. The bloco (community street carnaval band) gathered under the trees on the sandy beach and began the soundcheck with samba music. As they practiced, people gravitated towards the music; some came representing Brazil with their colors and flags, others wore costumes, colorful wigs, and feathered crowns.

People began to parade behind the bloco, ready to dance and chant to the music. Children, adults, men, women proudly representing Brazil animated onlookers to join and dance as well. Others curiously followed and watched. Many began to show their skilled samba moves.

Every now and then you can hear the Abadá Capoeira instructor shouting “Roda! Roda!” encouraging the young children to stand in a circle and perform for the people. The sounds of the berimbau and atabaque resonated through the roda and lead the rhythm that guided the young capoeiristas in their martial art. At times the highly trained capoeira instructors would pick up the pace and play one another, keeping crowds on their toes as they swung their feet right over the others head, dodging them by mere inches!

The weather was perfect and proved to be a great day to parade. As we marched down the boardwalk the bloco kept their energy up for the crowd and the capoeira school proved to be entertaining. It was a time to dress up, be extravagant, and dance to the sound of Brazil. Although it seemed to end as quickly as it began, it was a great family-friendly event within the community. We hope it only gets bigger and better from here and we hope that even more people will join us next year to celebrate such a unique tradition!

Special thanks to Fabio Santana with Kizambo Brass Band.

Ali Lexa and Samba da Mudança.

Abadá Capoeira

Kristal Bivona – UCLA.

UCLA students who helped promote it.

The community at large for participating!

KPFK the media sponsor.

Made possible by Brazil Arts Connection